if you love cooking, then you must take a Workshop with me. Here you can learn how to cook properly and creatively for yourself.

From how to master all your favourite eggs to how to confit your Cod fish loin, I can cover it all.

I only have One Workshop, the One adjust it to your interest, tastes and desires. Experience in live how beautiful and delicious food can be created.

Accomplishing a perfectly cook fresh salmon loin with a flaky final texture is a very satisfying feeling.

Learning how to cook a thick cut of meat with a colourful and crispy surface with a juicy & tender centre and that when you slice it no blood is dripping all over your plate.

That! is also a pleasure… I could go on and on with all the scenarios we can create together to improve your skills and confidence in the kitchen, It doesn’t have to be a terrifying place no more. All you need is my guidance.

Any category, trend or ethnicity of style you choose for your Workshop, Healthiness will be involved. Everything we cook together, will be done from scratches. No additives. Every flavour, every colour and every aroma will come from a natural source.

I will bring Timing, Techniques & Flavour to your Cooking.

Up to the Challenge? Go ahead and contact me. Lets create the Workshop you’ve been needing in your Cooking life.

Memorable Culinary Experience

Back stage acces

live Chef in action… you’ll discover key secrets.

Direct involvement

you’ll be involved directly. You won’t be an spectator.

Endless Learning

Your motivation and interest will determine how far you want to get.

Learn, cook & enjoy

Take your Workshop and invite your close ones to enjoy the results of your Cooking

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