New Projects

For before you start…

Be a Restaurant, Café, Lunchroom, Sushi Bar or whatever is the Culinary Concept youre opening, you’ll need to go through the following phases to accomplish a successful business model.

Conceptual development/ Culinary Proposal

Creation and / or refreshment of the concept. Design, structure and menu creation.

Design & Distributio

Optimizing the distribution of the spaces and areas of the kitchen


Direct advise on equipment acquirement and budget analysis

Operative System, Control Methodology

Control systems and methods that define the order of the actions in each of the areas and activities.

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Staff Management

Assertiveness in hiring the right staff and specially when you’re opening, is Key. I can manage the hiring, interviewing and selection of the kitchen staff.

Live Training

After kitchen is settle and staff is hired I will train them according to your pre-stablished concept.

Memorable Culinary Experience

Management empowerment

Thanks to a kitchen map you’ll always have control on the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be an unknown place anymore.

Time efficiency

Unforced errors also cost time, not only money. Save this having me as your ally.

Peace of mind

I’ll be with you from the start, the during and the after.

Is not an expense

What you’re investing in advisory It will come back to you with goods

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