I’m Monif,

During my many services in the past, I always caught myself thinking, how can I continue making clients so happy and pleased with my cooking? I wanted to preserve this relationship longer that just one time. And that’s how I came up with The Cooking Coaching Company.

I've Identified a market opportunity to offer my experience and background as a Chef through culinary coaching services for 2 specific targets, Business and Private sector.

It precedes me the fact that I've been a Chef for over 20 years in Universal & Creative Cuisine, young restaurant entrepreneur and knowledgeable about the local market needs because of my first hand contact during my experience as a Head Chef for several restaurants in the past 7 years in Nederland.

The Cooking Coaching Company, responds to a latent need in the market that is literally there, not knowing that I can really help them in their culinary predicament.

I have two basic philosophies: One for each target group, in the case of Business “management empowerment given by The know How” and in the case of Private “reaching the minorities looking for culinary excellence”

Following you’ll find my services, Dip in to the situation you identify yourself with, contact me and let me show you that there is a better an easier way to manage and maximise food in any aspect of your life.