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I’m Monif,

a self-taught, creative cook by nature and I’m here to take you to the other side of food. A culinary world which you can be part of and I can Coach you how. Whether you’re looking for an unique culinary experience privately or you own a restaurant and you want improve your methodology and menu or setting up operations in the kitchen of your new restaurant. I am here!

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For You

….who love good food. For you who love to cook. For you who love to learn something that you are passionate about. Here is your opportunity to enjoy the benefits of having in your life a Private Chef as your Culinary Coach.

For your company

I have the experience and knowledge on how to create a kitchen with structure, methodology and professionalism to satisfy your customers and also at the same time establish a profitability model with the flexibility to adapt to different situations and seasons. You know your business and your customer target. Let’s join these two strengths! I am sure there is a solution for you predicament, I can Coach all the way…